5 thoughts on “Wii Sports meets The Big Lebowski”

  1. I have a real soft spot Hudsucker and for Brazil even though Hudsucker left me a bit cold for the reasnos you mentioned. You’re right, you can’t deny the brilliant direction and the main theme is fantastic. For stylized filmmaking, I’d have to side more with Jean Pierre Jeunet for Amelie because the emotional center. Though I guess the Coen brothers enjoy not giving the audience quite what they want. Thanks for the post!

  2. exactly what he thinks, but then is frigoven because some rival spiked his drink. It seemed entirely plausible that he would say the same thing stone cold sober, since he had more or less in previous scenes. As to fonts, apparently you are …

  3. To be honest, I think Scorsese looks like the wazird (Archie in the costume) from the Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s. Don’t you?On best song, I wish one of the Enchanted ones had one. But that’s just me.And on the telecast, wasn’t it interesting how one of the Irish two who won for best original song didn’t get to speak, so they brought her back after the commercial break? That was a bad mistake..

  4. this worries me, yet I reiamn slightly optimistic. The problem with Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley is that they are really good actors (Sir Ben gets two reallys) who have been in schlock and their names alone in a line up don’t guarantee greatness. I think the Coens benefit from the quality of their actors, so with these two on board, I’m hopeful.As for Rach..er uh Jennifer Aniston I’m not a fan and agree with Down goes Frasier that she essentially repeats the same role. What about Amy Adams? Now there’s a gal whose shown tremendous range, has been under the Coen family tutelage (with her work with Frances earlier this year) and definitely has the acting chops to appear with the Brits.

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