Paris, je t’aime Updated

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Just trying to hash out some new information on Paris, je t’aime that I didn’t cover in the original post. It appears that the 20 individual segments take place in each one of Paris’ 20 districts. The segments are all connected by a recurring character in each played by Emilie Ohana.

Here’s the official word from the producers. Enjoy…

Paris, je t’aime is about the plurality of cinema in one mythic location: Paris, the City of Love. Twenty filmmakers will bring their own personal touch, underlining the wide variety of styles, genres, encounters and the various atmospheres and lifestyles that prevail in the neighborhoods of Paris. Each director has been given five minutes of freedom, and we, as producers, carry the responsibility of weaving a single narrative unit out of those twenty moments. The 20 films will not appear in the order of the arrondissements, from one to twenty, but rather, in a pertinent narrative order, initially unknown to the audience. They will be fused together by transitional interstitial sequences, and also via the introduction and epilogue sequences of the feature film. Each transition will begin with the last shot of the previous film and will end with the first shot of the following film, and will have a threefold function: 1) The first is to extend the enchantment and the emotion of the previous segment, 2) The second is to prepare the audience for the surprise of the next segment, and 3) The third is to provide a general, comfortable and cohesive atmosphere to the feature film. The delightful and brief interludes of these transitions will enable the viewer to slide from one world to the next, featuring a recurring and unexpected character. This mysterious character is a witness to the Parisian life and helps create a continuous narration. It appears both in and in-between the films. In addition to the information these transitions will provide about the city and its people, their tone will be intentionally light often referring to famous scenes easily attributed to the history of Paris cinema. Similar specifications will be followed by the composer who will supervise the musical fusion between the films and the transitions as he creates the musical score of Paris, je t’aime. Considering the common theme of Paris and Love, the fusion between the films and the transitions, the fast pace of a fluid and complete storytelling, Paris, je t’aime will not be just another “anthology” picture. It will be a unique collective feature film that will constitute a two-hour cinematographic spectacle whose original structure will make for a dramatically different experience for its global audience.

5 thoughts on “Paris, je t’aime Updated”

  1. Hi, Greetings from Geneva Switzerland. It’s August 7th and am just coming back from the Avant Premiere of Paris Je t’aime that if it was to have another title would be, Cinema Je T’aime. This film or project is a true homage to seventh art and one of its main purposes, bring justice and find the beauty in the ordinary yet magic life of each of us.
    avoiding any spoilers for you Coeners, the portion by the brothers is a gift of irony, magic realism, cultural schock, and histrionic bufonnerie. A real jewel that you will enjoy, a jewel insterted rightly in a whole crown.
    Bring a Lonely Planet and practice your French, because you will be compelled to answer “Que-est ce que tu regards conard?”

  2. I forgot to mention. In the end the film was released with 18 instead of 20 stories (one of them correspond to an arrondisement or neighborhood in Paris, but two of the stories fell through don’t know why)
    Unless I was completelly distracted, there is actually no recurrent character in the stories. In IMDB Emilie Ohana is not credited in the acting, but I’m also sure I saw her in one of the segments.

  3. hello from Geneva, Switzerland too. I also was at the open-air-by-the-lake premiere of “Paris, je t’aime”. In one word, lovely. These 18 short films show all the various manifestation of love: in its intensity, fragility and incertainty. It’s all about joy, pain, hope, passion, dream, madness, art etc.. in the beautiful city of Paris. This movie truly is a jewel of the French cinema.

  4. Hi! I got carried away to tears with that piece about Ana the nanny. Does anyone know the lyrics of that lullaby she sang to the babies?
    Please, help! I’d love to sing it to my baby, but can’t find it on the net.

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