Official “No Country For Old Men” Website

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And as my first post since the “redesign” I’m going to send you to somebody else’s website. REAL SMART. The official page, has a nice trailer.

12 thoughts on “Official “No Country For Old Men” Website”

  1. Hey, I love the site. I´m from Santiago, Chile..I´m a really fan of the Coens Work. I have seen all the movies that they have done.

    I even got Ethan´s book: “Gates of Eden”.

    Looking forward for the new film (I like Cormac McCarthy also)


  2. I just found an incredibly cryptic, wonderful pun hidden in a Coen brothers movie. Would this be a good place to share my discovery?

  3. In order to watch the trailer for “No Country For Old Men”, you have to prove that you’re over 17 by entering your birthday and zip code, as it appears on your government-issued ID. It somehow won’t work with a fake birthday. I know. I tried. (Yes, I’m over 17.)It only accepts my real birthday. Against which database are you checking my birth date? And more importantly, how is it that you’ve come to have access to this database?

    Concerned Citizen & Coen Brothers Fan -in that order

  4. Joel and Ethan, why are you spending your enormous talents on films that not only don’t make a positive impact on the world but produce a huge amount of negative energy? You are wasting your potential. I’m sad…

  5. After seing “No Country…” I have just one comment for the Cohen bros:
    What’s wrong with u people?
    No wonder Hollywood and the movie business is going down the drain.
    Hope that happens soon.
    And the critics too, A.

  6. In the book it seems that Chigurh was actually the shooter at the motel but this is not in the film. It is purposefully vague, but appears he set his car on fire on the freeway (the one Ed Tom passes on his way to the motel) and lured the Barracuda in, then killed the Mexican driver with the stun gun, stole his Barracuda and hosed it down at the carwash, then was the actual shooter who finished off the dead Mexican at the motel. The guy in the police car…the ‘witness’…covered for Chigurh by saying Moss had shot the guy as he was dying…but the cop adds it ‘didnt seem possible.”
    Just my two cents.

  7. I think the Coen’s left out Bell’s admission to his uncle, that he cut and run during the battle for which he was decorated.
    I enjoyed the film but this was a big oversight.
    Bell is slowly coming to realize that in some ways he is fighting against a type of person that, sick as he may be, is truer to his principles and therefore in some way, stronger.
    I think the Coens are skilled filmmakers but they seem to have overlooked what is certainly one of the major themes in the book !

  8. The “homage” – in the Coens’ and McCarthy’s No Country – is actually NOT merely to Flight to Tangier (1953) – running unwatched on the Moss trailer park TV when Moss returns home after snatching the Mammon loot. The other TV views are unwatched at the sequential communion milk drunk in that same trailer later.

    A surprisingly strong case can be made that it primarily is homage – possibly even a shocking remake – of an ultrafamous art film made many decades ago. A clincher is in the soundtrack underneath No Country’s closing credits.

    U.S. film investors and distributors – and likely mainstream audiences – would probably not hurry to buy into remaking an early existentialist film that questions the existence of an interventionist God for a world facing plagues of . . .

    Which film ? How many remember the line “Look into my eyes. Don’t you see the Devil in my eyes ? ” How many will pick up on my hint ? Bob Driscoll in Lanark County Ontario Canada November 19 2011

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